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About this project (application deadline: 2023/08/01㈫)

As “UltimateNP”, the “Illustration x Music” project, 2022 Halloween project, in which Megumi Liu and Mirael teamed up

I want to respond to the demand for the fusion of visual art works and music, and to trigger a bright topic.

​Halloween project that started with such thoughts...

UltimateNP is the newly born official mascot character Al-chan.

With the birthday approaching on August 8th, we held a project as the 2023 Al-chan birthday festival.

​Would you like to liven up Al-chan's birthday festival?

This project is a workto produceWe can succeed because of the applicants.

We are soliciting Al-chan fan art from everyone, and the collected works will be made into one in the form of a video and will be a collection of works. Completed by adding music created by sound creator Liu Hui to the collection of works.
The music changes depending on the number of works gathered and the atmosphere. For example, if the collected work is 1 point, we will create a song of about 5 seconds and make it a video.

Those who participate in the application and UltimateNP will provide each other free of charge.

Please send the work and commentary to reply or DM or email.
The purpose of requiring an explanation is as a countermeasure when it is difficult to visually confirm whether the content can be accepted. Therefore, there is no problem even if the explanation is simple.

●Contents that can be accepted
This is fan art, so please refrain from unrelated works.
The contents that can be accepted in this project are as follows.

・ Al-chan secondary creation
・Things with elements that Al-chan can understand
・Things using your own original character
Example: Hidden al-chan
Depicted as a key holder, etc.
*If there is no element of Al-chan, it is NG

・ Color viewing only
Example: Processing a landscape painting to make it look greener, etc.
・Normal Snake
* It is OK if there is an element of Al-chan
・ Only food such as cakes and insects
・Realistic insects (sorry (´;ω;`))
Gro (including blood)
・Completely irrelevant

You can participate if you read and agree to the promise at the bottom.

How to apply

Please contact us through one of the following contact points.

Twitter: Hui Liu (@yukarinoti)

Twitter:UltimateNPs (@UltimateNPs)

Twitter: Miraeru (@MiraeruMiraeru)

Please send a reply or DM to one of the above accounts.


HP Mail: Contact | ryumego (

If you have any other questions, please contact Liu Hui on Twitter, email, or HP email.

At any window, [2023 Al-chan Birthday Festival】planand your work and commentaryPlease send them together.There is no problem even if the watermark is inserted, but please understand that it will be posted as it is when it is published as a video.

※Seriously winThose who are judged to lack the minimum courtesy while holding hands may not apply.

There is no problem even if you copy the following text when applying.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

I'm □□, and I'm writing to apply for the 2023 Al-chan Birthday Festival.

I have attached my work. I made it with the feeling of ○○. thank you.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Please replace the above "□□" with the applicant's name and "○○" with the explanation.I would appreciate it if you could tell me what you are looking for, the content, and the end of the sentence (because I may send you a message next time).

Application formatabout


Any format is acceptable.

You can send it directly to the reply or DM.

waterMaIf you send us two items, one with and without the black box, please use the one without the video, and the one with the black box when posting on Twitter or other blogs.I will post it.

Please participate in this project after agreeing to the following conditions.

● About the collection of works

The video that became a collection of works (hereinafter referred to as "collection of works") will be handed out along with the number of seconds of the works of those who participated.

The collection of works we handed out will be for viewing and viewing only. Of course, please refrain from claiming anything other than your own work. Also, please be careful of ambiguous expressions when advertising.
Please do not sell, transfer, or allow unspecified third parties to download and use the collection of works, works other than yourself, or copies thereof on the Internet.

*If we confirm copyright infringement, we will take legal action.
Possible promotions are limited to tweets and website quotes from UltimateNP and UltimateNP creator members of Ryu Kei and Mirael (hereafter referred to as “UltimateNP members”), as well as using only your own works.

*Examples of ambiguous expressions*This is an example only.

・"I drew the ○○th illustration of this video!"
・"Your illustration will appear in this video!"
・"I'm participating in this collection"
・"I drew an illustration for this video!"
・"I drew the illustration in this video!"
・"I made this collection of works" ←It seems that I am making the whole collection of works.

​If you have any questions, please contact Liu Hui directly.

●Applicant's work management * The work collection itself is different from the music provided by UltimateNP.
・It can be published on portfolios and SNS in order to comply with all the following items.

・When making public use, write one of the following (since it is either, it is not necessary to write all of them.)

That it uses UltimateNP characters, that it was created in the "2023 Al-chan Birthday Festival" project, that it is UltimateNP's fan art

・Do not use for sales, contests, competitions, etc. (This is because the rights to "Al-chan" belong to UltimateNP.)

*If you use your own original character, the rights to the original character itself belong to the creator, so you are free to use it, but if it contains "Al-chan" elements, the character image or UltimateNP There is a risk of damaging the policy of the group, so use is prohibited under any circumstances.

Example: [OK] Apply for the 2023 Al-chan Birthday Festival by wearing an Al-chan T-shirt on your original character who works as a Vtuber. Al-chan's T-shirt is not worn for normal video distribution as a Vtuber.

[NG] Put on an Al-chan T-shirt on your original character who is active as a Vtuber, use it without writing any words, and distribute videos that are completely unrelated to this project.
・Do not use for purposes contrary to public order and morals, such as promoting discrimination, promoting suicide or self-harm.
・Do not use for the entertainment industry, pornography, adult content, or other similar media or purposes.
・Do not use the work in a manner that damages the reputation or credibility of the creator.
・Do not use for articles, videos, propaganda or advertisements with illegal, false or defamatory content

・Do not give criticism, opinions, or advice to UltimateNP members or other creators.

・ UltimateNP inserts the submitted works into the video as a collection of works and publishes them.

*Since I am the main creator of the project, if you do not agree, I will consider you to have personally created the fan art.

・The UltimateNP member will post the submitted work as a project on SNS, blogs, and websites.

 * Even if you do not agree to this, you can participate in the project, so if you do not agree, please let us know.

・ UltimateNP will write the name of the creator who applied.

 *If you do not agree to this, you can participate in the project anonymously, so please let us know if you do not agree.

・When UltimateNP makes a video as a collection of works, you do not wish to specify the order, number of seconds, or other format of your submitted work.

*Please be assured that the order will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and the number of seconds displayed for each work will change according to the number of entries, and we will make sure there is no bias.

・Based on the minimum common sense

By applying, you agree to the above.

​ Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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