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Megumi Ryu

Lyricist/Composer/Arranger Sound Creator

I am doing music activities based on the internet.

I listen carefully to the music I hear and use DTM to shape it.

I mainly make BGM, and I often make game music.

I'm a composer, Megumi Ryu, from Japan.

I am mainly active in net.

I'm sorry my English is not good.I'm studying to learn English.Please tell me if I'm saying something wrong.

Thank you.

BIG UP! x Charafure Game Music Contest Autumn 2017 Honorable Mention Award (in the name of ryumego)

Mr. Creofuga 2nd Shikoku Seiyo Geopark Music Contest 1st Adoption Award (under the name of ryumego)​

Audiostock Received award for piano ballad BGM for "BGM that collaborates with natural sounds!"



ALL BGM CHANNEL provided by Star Music Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Yoka Gessho-sama provided the jingle

Music provided by Haremama Kids TV

Planning Märchen Link Music provided

Live2D animation work RESTART, Kami-sama debut music provided

Indie Free Game Sleeping Brothers and Sayo no Yume Partial music provided

Participated in R3 Magazine, vol.2 2016 fall M3 appendix BGM collection

Doujin Circle Chronomerfe, 2016 Summer Comic / 2016 Fall M3 / 2017 Spring M3 / 2017 Fall M3 In charge of music and design part

Indie free game Hotel337 Participated in music and sound help


Game BGM, theme song, jingle for mobile, audio for video, sound source for performance, etc. Many individuals


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