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About artwork details

These two images are images posted on Twitter, but the content is different.There is no.

Reason for starting recruitment… I want the Saturday concerts that I personally do to have some glamor and boost my motivation! I wondered if there would be anyone who would fulfill that desire, so I started recruiting.

why paid…I thought that there would be some merit for the producers in recruiting, but neither I nor the Saturday Concert is known yet. You can't say, "Make it for free!" Of course, I would be happy if you could make it for free.


Process until negotiations are concluded…Please let us know that you would like to participate via HP email, blog comment, direct email, or Twitter reply, DM, or like.We will send you a participation request form questionnaire along with your contact, so please answer a later date. If you would like to consider your request, I will contact you with details and send you a PDF.Negotiations will be completed when the producer is satisfied and accepts the request.

So, I got a call, so please do it! It's not a story. Please rest assured ♪

Recruitment is now closed.

However, if you are interested, please let us know♪

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